'An artist's love is one of the most favorite themes of all time. Playwright Gay Walley undoubtedly succeeds in exploring it in her play' - Review Fix
'Ms. Walley's complex script allows time and space to collapse into irrelevance and leaves room for a party attended by guests from different centuries and many other parallel conflicts' 
- Theatre Reviews Limited
'The ensemble cast brims with confidence and craft, and navigates the play's twenty six scenes with engaging performances and professionalism' - Off Broadway Reviews Limited
'A piece of great power, strong enough to force us all to question what is right and wrong' - EXAMINER REVIEWS
In this tautly written and riveting drama, a white police officer is accused of pushing an African-American teenage boy out of a window during a police chase. The effects of the tragic incident can, in a moment, forever redefine the lives of all those immediately connected to it. This relevant tale explores the malleability of guilt and innocence when pitted against prejudice and presumption, truth and sensationalism. As the former officer stands at the precipice of fate, neither he nor the boy can distinguish fact from fiction, certainty from doubt, guilt from innocence.
Directed By Eric Tucker
Written By Barry Malawer
Directed by Gregory Abels
Written By Gay Walley
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"Utterly original...riveting, touching, and entertaining." - Austin Pendleton

"A beautiful story of love lost and love found." - Roberta Maxwell

"I was so moved...it articulated parts of my own life I hadn't been able to articulate for myself." - Joseph Sicari
Written by James Patrick Nelson. 
Directed by Jennifer Gelfer. 

Love is worth surviving for. New York City, 1953. Two strangers meet at midnight in a run-down empty bar. Max has a secret up his sleeve, a shocking revelation that unearths a painful history they may not be able to face. A story of hope, fate, and the powerful endurance of the human spirit, The Second Sun is inspired by the true story of a young Holocaust survivor and the woman he loved.
'anxious and involving — the script, by Barry Malawer, teases at complex moral questions and the possibility of a did-he-do-it plot' 
'There are very serious questions posed in the powerful production of Barry Malawer's drama Dead Dog Park' - TALKIN OFF BROADWAY
Four women arrive in Paris for the funeral of a 100 year-old man who loved each of them - at times variously, at times simultaneously. For 24 hours they share his apartment, delicious secrets and ... a dead cat.
In association with Margarida De Brito, Julie Crosby and David Youse

Written by Israel Horovitz
Directed by Barnet Kellman
​June 7 - July 17 2016